As we all know, Four Flags Journal is about diversification. We all realize that we live in unstable and changing times. We don’t really know what is ahead in the next few years and we do not intend to be caught unprepared.

Most of us are obtaining second and, in some cases,  even third, and fourth passports. On the other hand, we have one subscriber who went the other way. He gave up his U.S. citizenship and is now stateless. Yet he managed to get a passport as a stateless person. You will read on the Internet that you can’t give up your U.S. citizenship until you have another one. Well Glen Roberts has proved that is just not true. It’s one more evidence that we need to question everything. You can read Glen’s story here  and here if you haven’t already.

So our subscribers are an adventurous crew. Yes some of us are merely retired and having fun. Well . . . we’re actually all having fun.

We are diversifying in other ways. If we have assets, then diversifying is essential. Opening a bank account in a country where we are a guest and not in our home country is the first order of business. Perhaps opening a brokerage account outside our home country, depending on our financial lifestyle.

Some of us are adding solar and wind power, thus diversifying our source of power. If one goes down well . . . we’re prepared.

Others are gardening and learning to preserve food, and also to heal with herbs. All these things give us options, and we are all about options.

We hope that many are working to establish second and even third streams of income. A single income from a retirement fund in the U.S. would make us a bit uneasy. In Argentina the government already nationalized retirement funds and the president of the United States rather recently signed an Executive Order allowing the U.S. government to take your retirement fund. Of course they will give you U.S. bonds in return. We recommend for our subscribers to establish at least one other flow of income–perhaps more.

Here at Four Flags Journal we also are doing some of those things. We already have various ways to communcate with the outside world and before the end of the year we hope to add an amateur (ham) radio.

One of our biggest focuses is diversifying our health care. We set out to make it exactly that, HEALTH care. Not SICK care. Several months ago I told my story of my determination to recover from a tumor without losing any organs in the process. The project was successful and, to my surprise, when my immune system was returned to health, my arthritis of thirty years, including the bony knots on my wrists, melted away along with the abdominal tumor.

Today we are publishing an article based on material provided by Dr. Kevin Conners. We are putting it on the web page just for those who are interested rather than in the newsletter. We really hope that at least some of our subscribers will take to heart the fact that we can restore our health if we are willing to do what it takes as well as avoid illness. Cancer has increased now until almost 1 in 2 people will have it. Let’s make sure it is not YOU! You can read Dr. Conners article HERE. I did not know Dr. Conners at the time of my recovery, but his explanation did such a good job of explaining WHY the program I followed worked so well, Sugar is a toxin that causes so many health problems, and Dr. Conners explains the reason.

I know that the program I followed works. Today, 16 years later, at age 77, I am in perfect health according to a raft of recent blood tests. And that is after being in the care of my family 16 years ago because of illness. Today I’m running around South America, having a great time, digging up information that we hope will be helpful to you in your own decision about where you will plant flags..

Months ago when I published the story,of my recovery, we had a lot of requests from subscribers asking what we did. Except for those who told me they were struggling with cancer, I promised to write it in a report. I finally did do that and it is free to subscribers. Or if you are would like a copy and are not a subscriber, no problem! You can click the image below and enter your email. We are so happy to send you the report and add you to our subscriber list.

And you can find Dr. Conners information HERE.

Here’s to your good health . . . . until we meet again next week. And if you do take this as a project, we hope you’ll keep us informed. We are interested. We LOVE to see people return to health. It absolutely makes our day! 🙂