• Well it’s over. One year and a half of campaigning has finally come to the end. .

    We are in the United States currently. Before the election we found it common for people to tell us at first  they were not voting because there really was no choice—until we admitted to voting and. In every case we learned that they intended to vote all along, but wouldn’t say so unless we were on the same page. When did Americans become afraid to name their candidate?

    The vote is in now and we know that the winner  is Donald Trump. So many people have a god-like faith in The Donald. They think he’s going to be able to fix almost everything that is wrong with the United States. He names most of the right issues, but can he actually do what he intends to do? We believe that other presidents have tried.

    Ronald Reagan promised that if he were elected he would not fill his cabinet with members of the Council on Foreign Relations. But he was shot. Turned out that the wound was not fatal but after that he became much more compliant and did fill his cabinet with CFR members.

    John Kennedy went further afield. I was a newlywed in South Florida when he was elected. My husband had a friend who was involved with the Cuban patriots who were determined to take back Cuba from communists so we were rather close to the issues. This friend allowed the Cuban patriots to use one of his warehouses. They were working to accumulate arms for the purpose of freeing Cuba from the Communists that had gained power.

    President Kennedy promised them air support at their invasion at the Bay of Pigs. The Cubans went in and the air cover was withdrawn. We witnessed the grief and rage as the Cubans took to the streets to protest Kennedy. But the air cover was not withdrawn by Kennedy. Kennedy had the mistaken idea that he was President, but Adlai Stevenson had the air cover called off, thus breaking the back of the Cuban resistance.

    Then, to that, Kennedy added an executive order taking control of the dollar away from the Federal Reserve and returning it to the U.S. Treasury in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. Only a few months later he went on a little trip to Dallas and you know the rest of the story. The executive order was quickly forgotten.

    As far as we know, after that, every president has done as he was told So we wonder just how much Donald Trump can actually accomplish, no matter how hopeful he may be. He has attacked almost every goal of the globalists.  If he is successful he will set their program back at least thirty years.

    To our observation there is a good side to all this–the response of the population to Trump. A lot of people have long suspected that something was wrong,  but the media so faithfully assures them that all the things that worry them have no basis. All is well, we are adding jobs, there is no inflation. We are in recovery—even as almost half the population is dependent in one way or another on government. The experts even called them names: conspiracy theorists, racists, sexists, and more. Therefore, so many of us have believed that the “experts” are smarter than we are, which may well not be true. (We all need to learn to do our own research and draw our own conclusions.)

    Donald Trump has given confirmation to their suspicions with absolutely no regard to being “politically correct.” He calls it like he sees it, and a lot of Americans love it. Not all of them do, of course, but apparently enough do to get him elected.

    We have looked on in amazement as he has won in spite of opposition from some of the most powerful groups in America, including the media and the Republican National Committee as well as numerous other organizations. No one before him has been able to remain standing in the face of even part of the opposition he faced–and he not only stood. He won the election. We were surprised.

    So here at Four Flags Journal, who are we to say what he can or cannot accomplish? We wish him well and will be looking on with interest.


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