Dr. Loraine Day, M.D. Breast Cancer Survivor

As you know, the central theme at Four Flags Journal is to increase our independence, diversify our risks and lower our vulnerability in areas that we cannot control, or, at times, even influence.

One of the pillars of FFJ is reducing and even eliminating dependence on the medical industry. We know that some of you are  perfectly happy taking prescriptions and living whatever lifestyle you like. We are glad that you are with us and we will try not to overburden  you with information that doesn’t interest you.

But for those who really would like to be free and independent, free from  pain, and from contributing your income to the medical-industrial complex, we may have good news for you. It involves changes on your  part, but it won’t even break the bank. All that it costs is money for food and you have to eat anyway. A good juicer will help a lot as well. That is one of a few conveniences that are nice for this lifestyle, but not essential.

We’ve been delighted by the number of inquiries we’ve had as to what we did to recover from cancer. This post is to respond in part to all of you. We have explained to everyone that, to avoid the time it would take to educate everyone individually, we’re going to write something explaining it in detail. For most adults, knowing  why they need to do a certain thing helps us to be successful. So eventually we’re going to offer information to help you to get a grip on how this works. Once it makes complete sense, it will be easier to do.

But for now, we decided to do a bare bones list of the  points in the program. Even if you only do a few things, you will notice a change in how you feel, and probably be inspired to do more. First I will encourage you with this information.

An estimated 97% of the cells in your body right now will be replaced by new ones in less than a year. Just think about that. Can  you imagine being brand new a year from now? But the quality of those replacement cells depends on what you feed your body while the rebuilding is going on. You can’t build a solid brick  house out of straw bales. Nor can you build a new healthy body on sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, MSG, white flour, refined, cooked and processed foods.

This analogy might bring the concept into focus. If you bought a fine car for . . . say . . . $100,000, and the manufacturer instructions told you what kind of gasoline to use, would you try to run it on diesel? What about Gatorade?  Diet coke? Well your body is a much higher precision vehicle and it only makes sense to use the fuel that the Maker’s instructions say to use. Genesis 1:29. And just think. We doubt seriously that there was a stove in the garden.  If you choose to add meat, at least try to get meat that was not pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Our daughter lives in a metropolis but she found an Amish farmer who grazes his cattle only. No feed lot. No hormones. When he butchers, she buys part of the beef.

So there are ways to do things if we become a little creative.

We aim to return as closely as we can to the Maker’s plan. We learned from experience that it works. For new subscribers who perhaps have not read our story. This writer recovered from long-standing basil cell carcinoma and an abdominal tumor. You can read part of that story here and here. You can also read Bob and Pat’s Bruha’s account of complete recovery from rheumatoid arthritis after doctors gave up.  Once you get your immune system healthy again, your immune system was designed to heal just about anything. If the doctor has told you that you will have to live with a certain malady for the rest of your life, don’t despair. Many of  us have proved otherwise.

Here is our bare bones list. Remember this list is a program to deal with cancer. We assume you are not dealing with cancer and so some of the extremes, like drinking three quarts of fresh juice a day, would not be necessary. Three glasses would be just fine. Other than that, the program applies to all, not just cancer.

We hope that you will start changing today. Don’t wait until you are sick. I can tell you that once you are really sick, you can still get well but it’s a lot different then. It’s like pulling yourself out of a ditch. It takes an all out effort, every day. This writer made that all-out effort for three years!

But if you begin to change now, the chances are slim to zero of having to ever face the crisis that I did. As you read this, do remember this program was for the ultimate challenge. We don’t do all this juicing now, for example–but if we caught so much as a cold we would take that as a sign our immune system is compromised and take steps to fix it. As it is, we don’t catch anything. And that’s a good sign. We will explain the reason for this later. But we have found it possible to be in such a state of health that you can be around many people who are very sick without becoming sick yourself. In fact, that is as it should be for a truly healthy person. And health IS a choice. We choose it through our lifestyle.

Okay, here is your starter list:

  1. Diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, all raw except for half of one meal. For example, fruit or even a green smoothie for breakfast, large salad for lunch, and for supper eat all the salad we can hold and then a baked potato, brown rice, or steamed vegetable. Notice no animal protein on this program. An organic garden in your back yard is a great idea and VERY rewarding. It can contribute to another of FFJ pillars, that of establishing a better financial base as well.Use organic products if possible. This is important. You end up eating the residues of sprays and other things otherwise. However, I didn’t have organics. I got well on produce from Publix and they were not carrying organics at that time. But organic is preferred, if you can get it. In the States organic is very expensive. If it’s out of your budget–for real–don’t be discouraged. I couldn’t get organics either.
  2. Two quarts of carrot/apple/garlic juice and one quart of green vegetable juice, freshly made (here’s where the juicer comes in)
  3. Sunshine every day possible (when it shines) over 1/3 of your body. Vitamin D taken orally is not as effective or dependable as sunshine. This is a big factor in cancer and something you shouldn’t skip–actually it’s important even for a healthy person
  4. Exercise outside in fresh air. Walking for 1/2 hour to an hour is good. However, when I started I could barely walk a half block, I was so sick, so do what you can. And if a person is REALLY sick, don’t push exercise since it uses up energy. But try to do a little. I started with half a block every day. That was just all I could do. But I was soon walking three miles.
  5. At least 10 glasses pure water if possible. Not out of plastics. You don’t need Bis-phenol A and that’s what you get with plastics.  However, I now question if I needed that much water when I was drinking 12 glasses of juice. But I was determined to get well and we need at least 10 glasses of water–maybe more. These days I try to drink a gallon of pure water every day. Not saying I always succeed but that’s the goal.
  6. Sleep. Try to be asleep by 10 P.M. Our circadian rhythm is that our body repairs more or less between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. The reason for this is thought to be that we were expected to go to bed shortly after it was dark and get up with daylight.
  7. Relieve stress. If you are sick, don’t even watch the news on TV, it’s all bad. Dramas usually involve some tension so avoid it all. I found that prayer got rid of the stress. As my faith built the worry left.
  8. Forgive everyone that ever hurt you. Carrying grudges and hurts suppresses the immune system. This one can be tough I know. Prayer might help with this one also. Forgiving people who have hurt us can take some effort.
  9. Practice an attitude of gratitude–thankful for the good things, no matter how small. Even keeping a journal and writing down every day what you are thankful for is a great exercise.
  10. Reach out to others in whatever way you can. Speak words of praise and/or encouragement, pray for them if they have problems. Focus on others.

For those who asked, this will give you an overview with which to begin. There is a lot behind each of these points that we’ll try to reveal to those who are interested a little later and separate from the newsletter, since we know many subscribers are really not interested. If you are at a loss as to what you can eat raw, there are many raw food recipe sites on the Internet. There are plenty of free recipes out there. One site I like is Fall-In-Love-With-Food-Again/.

We hope this will make a difference for some of you. Here at FFJ we love to hear from people who make changes in their lives and regain their health. We hope you will share your stories with us.


The above information is solely for your information and educational purposes and you should consult with your health care professional before making any changes that could affect your health.

Note: We  have attempted to set the comments setting on the web site now so that once you are approved for one comment, your future comment is no longer held for approval. Some of you will remember we made comments subject to approval the day we had 300 spam comments. We seem to have that under control now. If you do have comments about this article, we like for you to use the comments section rather than email because your comment might help someone else and that’s what we’re about. That applies even if it’s a question. If you have a question others probably do as well. It is okay to email, however. We still answer all emails.  Many thanks.

Until next time . . .