By Iva Marie Couchman
Diversity is one of the most beautiful things I have grown to love about Uruguay, and it can be found in abundance in a small coastal community called Chihuahua.

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than when people come together in a community with acceptance and celebration. 
Chihuahua, Uruguay is a small coastal community approximately 20 kilometers from Punta del Este, and even during the busiest months, it remains peaceful.
Sunset Connections
According to the locals one of the biggest changes Chihuahua has seen in recent years is the erosion of the sand dunes from storms. In not a so distant past according to one person, the sand dunes were so large they provided enough shade that umbrellas were not necessary. In the past six months I too have witnessed incredible coast line erosion with the storms we have endured since last October. 
One of the greatest pleasures I have had since moving here is the genuine friendliness of everyone you pass by. These fun young men, when they saw my camera paused in the street to let me take their picture. I showed them the result and spoke in my limited broken Spanish to receive smiles and thumbs up from them all.
Remembering to have fun!
A stroll on the beaches of Chihuahua is a reminder to relax and have fun. Whatever your choice for the moment, sitting at the local paradores (bar) on the beach with friends, a long walk through the warm sand, or a cool swim in the ocean, the people who come here to enjoy this connection show how easy it is to relax and enjoy.
A Year Round Community
Often coastal towns in Uruguay become ghost towns once the high season is over, but here in Chihuahua you see more  year round members than seasonal. There is a Neighborhood Watch established among neighbors through What’s App, and an unspoken bond among those that frequently visit or live here to keep an eye out for each other.
This unique community of families, unite here without any conflict or issues. It is a place of openness, gatherings, friendships, and fun, and I have the privilege to call Chihuahua home.
Iva Marie Couchman holds an Associates Degree in General Education from Portland Community College, in Oregon. Iva has been published in several Oregon Newspapers, and in Mopar Magazine. A grandmother of three, Iva currently lives in Chihuahua, Uruguay with her husband Michael, where they are exploring new ideas, a new language, and enjoying the fresh ocean air.