Have you ever wondered who in the world would ever renounce U. S. citizenship? The number of Americans who do is growing every year. Forbes reported recently that “The tally was 2,999 for all of 2014, a 221% increase over the 932 who left in 2012.”  The Treasury Department publishes a quarterly list of Americans who take that step. However, consular expatriations, where people don’t file exit tax forms with the IRS, are apparently not counted–which indicates that the numbers on the list are understated.

So who in the world would give up their citizenship? Well last year our own Glen Roberts was among them. Glen is the founder of the original expat group that has met on Sunday in a Montevideo restaurant for  years–and still does–although Glen has moved on to Paraguay. He also is the administrator and owner of the expat forum at as well as To our amazement, Glen took this step without having any other citizenship–making himself stateless.

Want to know Glen’s story and find out what is involved in really expatriating? It’s all there in the how-to manual that Glen has written for us. It is available in both paperback and Kindle format right HERE at Amazon. Or if you’re a Bitcoin user you can buy it in .pdf format HERE.