Hector Gabriel Celano

Dr. Celano is a corporate immigration lawyer, founder and managing partner ofGabriel attempt to resize
“Celano & Associates”, a young and dynamic law firm based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), that for over a decade has been representing emerging, midsize and multinational companies with argentine immigration matters.  At Celano & Associates he undertakes not only immigration processing and compliance matters, but also immigration litigation. Mr. Celano is licensed to practice law in Buenos Aires Capital and with the Argentine Supreme Court. He is also a registered attorney at the Argentine Immigrations Department.



Brook Corbyn

Brook is the owner of  Consult Chile, a relocation and immigration service.Brook She, along with six other family members, moved to Chile in 2015. Although based in Valdivis she handles residency, citizenship and other expat services anywhere in Chile. Contact them at:
Telephone Chile +569-6580-8823
Skype: consultchile



Lori and Jim Dorchak

Lori and her husband, Jim, with three of their children, came to Chile in 2012. Read more by Lori about her and Jim’s adventures homesteading in Chile at her blog at
Our Chile Adventure
YouTube channel: Chile Expat Family


Darren Kaiser

Darren is a develooper and expert in real estate investment in Chile. We recommend him as anDarren Kaiser
investment consultant in the Talca area. He also conducts real estate investment tours near Talca, in the Maule Region, a prime farming area. Information about those tours is at his web site. Real Estate Tours
. He is author of Where to Buy Chilean Real Estate  in 2014 and conducts both private and group real estate tours. He lives near Talca, in the Maule Region, a prime farming area. His web site is www.darrenkaiser.com.



Mark Teuten

Mark is a long-time expat, having first come to Uruguay in 1990. He practiced law in EnglandMark Teuten, Attorney
from 1987, requalified in Uruguay in 2004, and set up his own firm the same year. Mark writes,
“I married in 1991 and am still happily married to the same lady! We have 3 children.”

You may contact  Dr Teuten at
Teuten Abogados
Tel: + (598 2) 9088638
Fax: + (598 2) 9088640