Worldwide cancer rates are set to jump more than 75% by 2030 according to the Web MD Cancer Health Center as reported in the journal, Lancet Oncology. An internet search for cancer statistics in 1900 turned up the figure of 64 cancer victims per 100,000 in the United States. Today in the United States, cancer rates are at 1 in every 2 persons. Cancer is even on the rise in children.

What in the world has happened?

We  post these cancer statistics only as an example. We are equally concerned about heart conditions, arthritis and all degenerative disease. Since our focus here at Four Flags Journal is independence–freedom–one focus includes health because without  health we cannot be independent. We are dependent on the doctor, on the pharmaceuticals, on living near a hospital. And we are so effectively marketed by the medical industrial complex and the pharmaceutical companies that we think that we have no other options.

We  have decided to  publish some of these stories now and then because it is only genuine success stories that give us hope in the midst of the marketing bombardment that we must endure.

When I was 31 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Certain joints were painful, I had a bony knot on my right wrist and I often limped because of pain in my ankle. My uncle also had arthritis, complete with bony knots on his wrists and pain. So I knew it was genetic of course. What could I expect? That was my father’s brother. My mother’s sister had it as well. I was doomed.

Then a few years later the skin cancer started. Basil cell carcinoma on my face, the laboratory said. Removed surgically. I had had asthma since I was 3 and when I would have an attack of asthma, I used a medication in a nebulizer spray. I also had a prescription I was to take all the time to prevent it, but it made me feel terrible so I got by with the spray–which made my heart race and I was concerned but what are you going to do? One must breathe!

In 1988 some crazy man in a van decided at the last  minute to make a left turn right in front of me and another car. We both hit him. Result: Three herniated disks in my neck with radiating pain down my shoulder.

Then in 1998 I became very weak. Completely unable to even get my clothes together. My brother and sister-in-law came from Ft. Lauderdale and took me to their home where I stayed horizontal most of the time. My sister-in-law took me to the doctor. Diagnosis: abdominal tumor and immediate surgery.


This is not breast. This is the tumor, high on her chest wall.

I had seen an M.D., Dr. Loraine Day, on TV not long before who told of having two unsuccessful surgeries for breast cancer, showed a picture of her grapefruit-sized tumor, she refused chemotherapy and radiation, changed her lifestyle, and was well in 18 months. I don’t want to make this seem simple because it wasn’t. It’s a big change for most of us who are accustomed to the SAD (Standard American Diet). With my family’s support I decided to postpone surgery for three months and try the same program this M. D. had recovered with. If I was no better in three months, I would have the surgery.

I sent for the video (You Can’t Improve on God at and began. Of course my family didn’t change their lifestyle and there were snacks everywhere. Potato chips, cookies–even key lime pie–my favorite.  I had so little will-power that it was three weeks before I was fully on it, but once I achieved a perfect day I went on to follow it for three years,and I still do, to a great degree, though I have modified to a “maintenance” mode.

When I told the surgeon that I was going to postpone the surgery, she said, “Don’t wait six months because if you do you WILL have it and by then it will be emergency surgery.”

Within a month I felt there was a change. I was still horizontal most of the time, but I really felt like something was happening. I was in pain when I walked and my family and I laughed a lot about what my sister-in-law called my “Tim Conway” shuffle. Those old enough to remember Tim Conway will understand. It didn’t take too long for the pain to go. Perhaps a month.

Within four months I was able to return to my home in Central Florida. At 4 1/2 months the cancer lesion on my face fell off. I had been too sick to go and have it removed. I was amazed. I still have no skin cancer today. Odd I was doing this program but somehow was still amazed that the lesion healed spontaneously. As stated before, we are so marketed that we can  hardly believe that could happen.

My arthritis began to go away including the bony knot on my wrist. Today I have no sign of arthritis. The pain from the herniated disks went, I have not  had asthma for many years. Three years later I decided maybe I better see a doctor. The surgeon had told me I would require emergency surgery in six months so I thought I should check to be sure that tumor was not growing.

The tumor was gone.

I set out on this program because I did not want to lose any organs–or even my life. But it taught me something amazing. All of these degenerative diseases that we suffer from have the same source. Malnutrition and toxins. For Americans that’s hard to believe. But I think this video will help to explain.

I am passing this along to you in the hope that some of you will be encouraged to make the decision to get well.  It’s been 15 years and I am still in good health and on no medications.

Another great source is Dr. George Malkmus recovered from colon cancer on the same program. We also recommend the great recipes from the Malkmus site that will help you learn a different way to prepare delicious meals. Dr. Day has many videos on the Internet so if you would like to hear more of what she has to say, you can go to and search Dr. Loraine Day.

One final thought–if you are in good  health, we encourage you to make these changes now. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Prevention is a lot better than cure.

Here’s to your good health–but even more, here’s to your freedom!