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The major goal of Four Flags Journal is to give our subscribers and readers accurate information.

When our family decided to move outside our country, we had so much bad information, even from lawyers recommended by sources normally recognized and it was so costly. It is not always easy to find good information but we work at it and we have accumulated some very competent experts.

We think the western world, made of up what were hitherto thought of as “developed” countries, is in danger of a serious social, economic and spiritual crisis. We also know that all crises are fraught with unknown risks, but that they come also with opportunities if we can just see them. So we seek to give ourselves options in whatever the situation ahead and then be on the lookout for the opportunities.

We are flag planters. Since our world is a bit precarious right now we have plotted our strategy and are diversifying our lives in order to minimize our risks. We seek for a balance of personal independence and building community. It has always been recognized that all our eggs in the same basket is a bit risky. So we follow the philosophy if the legendary “Uncle” Harry Schultz, financial analyst and investor who was planting flags long before the idea caught on.

Schultz was the first that we know of to suggest having at least one second citizenship,  living in another country where you are a guest in that country, banking in a third country (and if your assets warrant, perhaps in a fourth) your business structure in another country and so on. We specify four flags but you might only need two, and some people could need far more to really be diversified.

Our goal is to become as self-dependent (independent) as we can, while also building community. We are not anti government, we just notice that politicians often do not make the best decisions and we don’t want their mistakes to affect us any more than we can avoid. We even believe in establishing more than one stream of income. In case one of those streams dries up, we still have another.

Our goal of independence  includes independence of doctors and prescriptions. We can’t just stop those things if we need them. hat can be dangerous. But we work at building our immune system, our true health, until even your doctor agrees that you no longer need them.

So it’s financial independence, community and health, primarily. But you may have a few flags of your own. We will publish articles about these subjects from time to time. And we invite you to write about your location and experiences and share it with our readers as well. We appreciate our subscribers/contributors! We think you will as well.
So if this appeals to you, we hope you’ll join us by email now, and maybe one day we’ll get to meet you in person . . . in South America.
41502_1093545931_5031_nArlean Kelley, Editor

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she holds citizenship. Former editor for Harris Corporation, Palm Bay, Florida, writer for various magazines, correspondent for Florida Today daily newspaper.   Strong area of interest in economics and business. Former business owner, she takes her own advice seriously. She is working to establish multiple streams of income, to build community, and referring to health independence, she recovered from various degenerative diseases 16 years ago, after a tumor diagnosis, she is free of every medical challenge and is not on any prescriptions. And she never had surgery, chemo or radiation. So she is sure you can do it too!

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