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Health Care, not Sick Care

  As we all know, Four Flags Journal is about diversification. We all realize that we live in unstable and changing times. We don’t really know what is ahead...Read more
Steps to Health Independence

Steps to Health Independence

By Arlean Kelley with Dr. Kevin Conners (Editor note: Taken directly from material provided by Dr. Kevin Conners.) What do cancer cells feed on? Cancer cells breathe anaerobically. Anaerobically...Read more

Your Street-Smart Education

  Back in beautiful Buenos Aires, taking a break for a few weeks from Chile, We have decided to make you an expert at foiling the plots and plans...Read more

Embezzled in Uruguay

Embezzled in Uruguay In 2014 we informed our readers that our Uruguay bank account had been embezzled and that we would tell you more about it after it was settled. Not all...Read more