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What do you think? Great place to establish that healthy lifestyle!

If the U. S. health care industry were a country, it would be the sixth largest economy in the world according to Joyce Riley of The Power Hour. The U.S. spends more a year on health care than Japan, Germany, France, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Australia combined.

At the same time, in every study of the health of citizens in advanced countries, the U.S. comes in last. So the biggest economy in the world spends more on their health than most advanced countries combined, and yet they are the sickest. Let’s think about that a minute. Any ideas how that can be? Will you agree with me, that something is wrong?

If you were to do a survey of your friends and family, we suspect you will find just about every single person is on some kind of prescription. The bottom line here is that, if they need a prescription, they are sick. Healthy people do not need to take chemicals to control symptoms. And that is all drugs can do—control symptoms. They do not make you well.

At Four Flags Journal we believe in independence and community because therein lies our ability to be free. Our goal is to be as independent individually as we can, but to stand ready to come together in support of others in our community when they need support. We want to come from a position of strength so that we can help others in our families and our community to be independent as well. In fact, this newsletter is an expression of our belief in community.

But we hear from so many of you who are limited as to where you can live because you have to be near a hospital or you are worried about being able to get your prescriptions.

The mind control and the marketing by huge corporations in the U.S. extend so far beyond the political. Health care and pharmaceuticals are a major business, as is evidenced by the statistics above—the amount we are willing to pay to doctors and drug companies. I remember with horror my own mental conditioning in years gone by. I used to think that if I got anything wrong with me, if I could just get to a doctor, he or she could fix it.

And yet I had asthma from childhood and went to lots of doctors and they couldn’t fix it. The most they could do was give me prescriptions. By the time I was 40 I could tell that the nebulizer I used to open bronchial passages was affecting my heart. It said so right in the drug literature. I didn’t need to read the literature. I felt it in my body when I used it. I could feel my heart speed up and an overall sense of unease. But I needed to breathe!

Then my husband contracted lung cancer at the age of 41. I know the panic of hearing the dread word. In our desperation, we started learning that some people recover from cancer by changing their lifestyle. The problem was that we didn’t know enough. It is a good idea to learn while you are still well and begin early to work on prevention, because recovering from serious illness is a lot more challenging than preventing it. When we wait until we are desperately sick to make lifestyle changes, often it is too late. (But I hasten to say that, wherever there is still life, there is hope.)

My husband was gone nine months later. But I kept reading and learning.

We had early warnings of the need for a lifestyle change but we didn’t recognize it for what it was. He was found with high blood pressure at age 25. He was tanned, young, strong–the picture of health.

But was he? A healthy body does not have high blood pressure. We knew nothing of that. He started on a drug that has since been taken off the market, but he was on it for 16 years. Know why that blood pressure medication was removed from the market? Among other things, it caused cancer.

If you read the label on your own prescription you are likely to find some scary stuff. We didn’t read the label. And if we had we would not have known there was a better way. We would have felt trapped.

What did we not know then? That all drugs have side effects. Just because a doctor prescribes it does not mean it will not hurt you. High blood pressure is a red flag of already failing health. If we do have high pressure, of course we need that drug . . . until we address the cause and correct it. But we didn’t know there was another way. We accepted the idea that we were dependent on the doctors. He started the prescription, his blood pressure normalized. Ahhhh! All was well. But was it?

My husband died at age 42. Because of his death I developed a greater interest in natural healing, particularly cancer. I discovered that the man I bought my organic vegetables from had been given up with colon cancer 30 years before, but started eating raw and organic and in several months his bleeding stopped and his bowel gradually returned to normal.

This information has been known for a very long time, but the American Medical Association frowns on any medical doctor who discovers and uses it. He or she will lose both their  license to practice–and their livelihood. But once you become aware of this possibility you start to notice.

At that time I had had a bout with basil cell carcinoma, removed surgically, arthritis, and of course still suffered at times with allergies. Then around the year 2000 I was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor the size of a small orange. I had been very weak, unable to care for myself. My brother and his wife had taken me in and she had taken me to the doctor that day. Before he told me his findings, he called her into the office with us. Later she said, “Arlean, I never saw anyone take news like that as calmly as you are.” By this time I knew enough to believe that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. We talked it over with my brother and, with their support, I decided to postpone the surgery for three months and try the same program used successfully by Dr. Ann Wigmore, N.D., Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., Dr. George Malkmus, PhD, and Dr. Loraine Day, M.D., the last of which had recovered from advanced breast cancer after two surgeries and then being sent home to die.

She had been a professor of medicine at the San Francisco Medical School and head of her Orthopedics Department at her hospital, an accomplished surgeon herself, she left the medical profession after her recovery. All of these people mentioned had discovered a program for health that, except for some minor nuances, is basically the same. I implemented it completely. In a month I knew it was working. I still seemed just as sick, but I could feel a change. Four months later I no longer needed to be at my brother’s, I returned to my own home. Another two weeks and the skin cancer lesion on my face fell off. Three years later I had the tumor checked and it was gone.

I stayed on that program totally for those three years. Since then I have cut back on some of the requirements (like the amount of fresh vegetable juice I consume a day) but I still adhere pretty closely to the program and I am healthy and on no medications. Today I have no skin cancer, no tumor, I can do anything I could do at age 20, I haven’t needed any meds for asthma in all these years, my arthritis is gone and I can live in any little remote village I want in South America or anywhere else.

This, dear friends, is independence!

We have opened an entirely new subject here, but true independence involves a number of issues, health being an important one. Almost everything depends on our health and strength. We can accomplish very little and have very little freedom when we are sick. We believe in planting financial flags but we also think that we need to do some serious flag-planting in our personal lives. Our health is one of those flags!

We tend to say well what I have is genetic and so I have to live with it. Of course you would say that! You have been told that all your life. What else WOULD you think? But my sources say almost nothing is genetic. It is true that we are born with certain genetic weaknesses that determine where the negative effects of our lifestyle will show up first. I had arthritis, asthma, and cancer (just to name a few). One of my aunts was so bad with arthritis that she died in a nursing home, unable to get out of bed without help. My mother had cancer four times and my father died with colon cancer. I can trace asthma all the way back to my great grandmother on my dad’s side, my own father had asthma, as did his father.

I have none of those things today. I believe that God has a plan for our health. It is called the immune system. If we keep that system healthy, then those genetic tendencies are not triggered. If we do not, then they can be. And this writer has made the fantastic discovery that, even if they have been triggered, they can be “untriggered” if we will just return to God’s original plan for our health.

For further research, here are some resources for you: Web site of Dr. George Malkmus who recovered from colon cancer. You might start with the testimonials, including that of Dr. Malkmus himself, who returned to health after being told he was going to die with colon cancer. This site has not only lots of information about building a strong, healthy immune system, but it also has a huge selection of gourmet healthy recipes. Web site of Dr. Loraine Day, M.D. Read her testimony and see a photo of her breast tumor.

The entire purpose of this newsletter today is to spark a glimmer of hope that you can be healthy at any age. It is one more step in the direction of independence . . . and freedom!

Until next week, here’s to your good health!


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