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Around Four Flags Journal we are always excited when the calendar turns over to a new year. We would never be able to tell you why. We know, intellectually, it’s just another day. But to us it is all fresh and unsullied. A brand new clean year to write on whatever we choose. And we always take time to choose  what to write.

2016 has been quite a year. A good year in our opinion. Some of us have seen things that we never thought we would see. Because of our research we have long known what appears to us blatant corruption in our country of origin. But not many other people seemed to see it. All of a sudden it seems they see it and are completely disgusted.

We have long known the media was dishonest. We worked as a correspondent for our county’s large daily newspaper at one time and we knew what would not be welcomed if we wrote it. Then, in 2004, Kristina Borjesson wrote the book Into the Buzz Saw, an appalling work describing the predicament of the reporters if they try to investigate or report anything that certain entities or companies want “kept under wraps.”  To put it bluntly, we have long known that the mainstream news is a joke. Surprising to us, in 2016 a huge percentage of Americans realized that as well. Some are reporting that it’s all over for the mainstream media. Few believe them any more. Suddenly we skeptics have lots of company.

We would not have thought that possible.

But the one that capped them all was when we watched a businessman, often ridiculed in the now-discredited press, with no political experience at all, not abundant finesse, come out of the shadows and win the presidential election with all kinds of professional politicians running against him and the media reporting polls that he was losing while he filled stadiums at his every rally, further discrediting themselves.

Do we think The Donald is going to pull the country out of the mire in which the globalists have put us?

We think he has bought us time to get our affairs in order for the crisis we believe is still ahead. It could be way ahead—but ahead. And we plan to make good use of it. We hope you do too.

2016 was, for us, the year that we found out what we think impossible is, indeed, possible.

So now we turn the page of that fresh new calendar and look forward to a great 2017
Here at the Journal we have decided to focus on health and fitness. Now why do we, who major in  independence, in diversification of our lives, in planning ahead, want to focus on that?

Well if we are not well, lack energy, have pain, don’t feel up to being productive, it’s very hard to accomplish anything.

Being sick is expensive. Doctors cost money. Prescriptions cost money. Sickness costs money–sometimes lots of money. And we like to save money. When we spend it, we want to spend it on something of our choice. Not pay it to doctors and druggists. And we want to be as productive as possible in things that we enjoy. We consider health a great investment!  It’s no fun being sickly. So . . . . we decided not to.

And we hope that you will join us!

We choose to build strength and health. For 99.9% of us it is within our power to restore our health. (Yes we admit we made up that statistic, but we believe excellent health is within our reach. So why not reach for it.) But it will take:

  • eating naturally, getting the chemicalized, processed, GMOed and franken food, and most (but not all perhaps) of the sugar out, The more raw, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs, the better
  • getting proper sleep at night,
  • drinking 2 ½ quarts to a gallon of water every day
  • Daily exercise, at least a walk outside in the fresh air
  • Sunshine
  • Eliminating, or at least keeping at a minimum, stimulants like coffee and alcohol.
  • Attitude of gratitude. Cancer sometimes appears to occur several years after emotional trauma—such as a divorce, for example. This is because negative emotions and stress suppress the immune system. An attitude of gratitude is essential for good health. On the other hand, focusing on the negatives in our lives tends to cause depression.
  • Also letting go of grudges. We know it’s hard. Some people just don’t deserve to be forgiven. But this is not for them, it is for us. Doesn’t mean we have to  be best buddies with them, but grudges weigh us down. We need to let them go.

We do most of that here, but our failure is exercise. Writers and editors lean to too much desk time. So this is the major that we will work on here. We resolve to become fit in 2017.And what about YOU?

On Four Flags Journal we post from time to time success stories contributed by our gracious readers. Why? Because we know most of us are so conditioned to think only drugs can cure us when drugs only mask symptoms. Cures come from going back to the lifestyle that God intended for us–no longer living the lifestyle that is causing the illness. We post our own and others’ stories in the hope that our readers will catch the vision of what really is possible. Our testimony today comes from Maria Karla. Maria wrote to us and we asked her permission to share it with our readers and she graciously consented. Following taken from Maria’s account:

Arlean, I have changed my whole perspective on my eating and I have never felt so good, or full or happy and most important no more cravings and my health has come from dire to off 17 meds, no more insulin and I was taking 160 units of N and R insulin 2 times a day each.

My blood pressure is normal now and I have never cheated since starting this NEW WAY OF LIFE. I now also do not suffer pain from fibromyalgia, or arthritis! My doctor is on board, she is happy with my progress, and she actually told me that the doctors and medical field do not want people doing this because it cures the body and they would lose patients, and the drug companies would be at a loss. The fact is, my cholesterol has gone down, and I’m actually healing the fatty liver, my kidney functions are fine now, and my thyroid is now normal. (end of quote)

Remember every journey begins with that first step. What about you? Maybe at the end of 2017 the success story will be YOURS!